My Lent Promise.

For catholics, this is the season of giving back to Jesus. Yes, we don’t just give back during christmas but this is the most serious time in catholic lives. Lent is done to remind us of the the 40 days Jesus fasted in the wilderness throughout his mission of spreading God’s word. At one point Jesus was tempted by satan to eat but he didn’t.

Growing up, I was led into the Catholic life and since then I’ve stayed committed. I’ve completed all my sacraments except marriage and I continue to stay faithful to my religion. Some people think that Lent is stupid because of giving up something but it’s not? It’s not about just giving up something physically but it’s a way we prepare for Jesus’ death, rising, and coming. He died two days before easter for our sins and one way we show we can commit is through our lent journey.

I’ve made a lent promise each year and I’ve only went through with my promises only twice. I know that sounds bad so that’s why I feel this year should be a committed and dedicated one. Even though last year I got kinda sick without rice, I’m going to give up rice. Rice is something I can’t live without, which is why I’m giving it up. There’s no sense into giving up facebook because I’m barely on nor do I post a lot. I’m not giving up tumblr because I barely post here too unless I’m venting or something. 

So I hope people realize how important lent season is and even though you’re not a catholic you can join and give something up too (: it’s a way to show Jesus that he didn’t die on that cross for nothing and a way to show him that satan CAN’T tempt you into doing anything. Let’s all accept that God is our savior and do it right this lent season! Keep our lent promise.

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